return to tuff town

we went to sant cruz this weekend, just like i said we were going to. the surfers in santa cruz are big time: sponsored and stuff. they were going crazy and flipping and things. allegedly, according to pete, the surf on saturday was “epic” but i sort of felt like i was a six-year-old snow plowing on a black diamond. which can be fun, was fun, but ended in some all-american-type dude trying to carry my surf board for me because i looked so pathetic i guess. we rode the giant dipper saturday night and stayed with my camp friend carwash. sunday i felt slightly better in the water even though all the surfers were still big time and i am what can only be called a barney. but, as always, it was a really good time. i only have like one picture because i was too busy watching otters make passionate love in the water right next to me to consider photography. we came home and watched short bus, which i would recommend but not in the presence of family members, and then ate some chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. shit is domestic around here. tomorrow, sadly, i am up at 5:15 am again so if you are one of the numerous people i have been unable to hang out with due to this schedule i am sorry. 1.5 months to go. holy shit it is 9:15. now i am going to bed.