i’m so tired for some reason. actually i know the reason. i’ve been getting up too early without going to bed too early. it’s a problem because i get up at 5:15 and then work for awhile and get home and sort of want to die or at least sleep and then i hang out with pete for awhile and do fall asleep on the couch and then he goes to work and then when he comes back i want to hang out with him more. i’m assuming at some point pete will get other friends and i will be forced to entertain myself or at least go to bed at a reasonable hour. or it will get more normal to have an extreme awesome person sitting on the pink futon playing guitar and i will be able to tear myself away from the living room occasionally. oh well. i am sure i will look back on these days fondly when 2012 happens and there are no guitars and all i have time for is hunting and gathering and hording semi-automatic weapons. i will be WAY tired then. it will be hard to sleep knowing at any moment someone could shoot your for your water bottle.

anyway, pete’s gone for the weekend.

i bought some teal pants today, to fill the void in bryant valley and my heart. financially it may not have been a wise decision (teal pants on the heels of shark watch and rei tent: i need to quit spending money or get a higher paying job) but emotionally it was brilliant.

plus i needed teal pants. then i tried to write something to read at the open mic so i started compiling a list of all the people i have kissed, starting with that boy who kissed me at day camp when i was six or seven. have you tried this? luckily for me, in my youth i kept meticulous notes because my friends and i were obsessed with ryan phillipe’s notebook in cruel intentions. my book stops when i am about twenty however and so far my list is up to the second bush election (me: age twenty-two) and i am at roughly twenty-five people. some numbers in africa are hard to gauge accurately (how many people did i really kiss at the duku duku awards when that one white bartender was giving me free tequila all night? or in that game of spin the bottle in the orange free state with the toothless oldish men?) which may make me some sort of kissing slut or else a person who likes adventure. you decide. the list isn’t very funny or sexy anyway and i would never subject others to it. lately i suck massively at writing. i do however now own teal pants.

last night by a miraculous miracle pete and i went to see point break live. dear friends: stop what you are doing and go immediately to the next showing of point break live. i can’t even describe it for you except: definitely buy the poncho. pete and i made this card for bodhi (it includes the world’s first footnoted haiku), who so perfectly embodied patrick swayze i figured he would do some classical dance moves at any moment:

oh my god. it was an amazing show. i laughed so hard i spilled beer on myself. i got thrown to the floor twice at gun point. gary busey died at my feet like three times. what are you waiting for? go now!

otherwise, on wednesday we went to a surfing movie and i caught a hat in the air and then WON THE RAFFLE for some sunglasses but, in a tragic turn, was unable to find my raffle ticket in time to claim my prize. i know now how sudanese refugees must feel when they see the red cross truck arrive and then see the war lords snatch up all their food and rape their women. also wave related, i went surfing this morning, poorly as usual, in pacifica. there is, allegedly, another south swell coming in this weekend but i don’t think i can hit up ocean beach alone. even with my shark watch. plus i have to work all day tomorrow. so here is your last picture: the south swell last weekend and some sweet santa cruz dudes surfing like pros. actually, they may have been pros.