eat your dinner goddamit

today when i was walking down the back stairs with my laundry basket in my grandpa’s old zip-up boots that are 5 sizes to big, i fell.

those boots are really a liability but they are so comfortable and so cute.

don’t worry, i’m okay. i just wanted to start off that way so you would feel sorry for me and therefore cut me some slack for my long long disappearance from the internet. i mean, i’m barely even on GCHAT anymore. it’s getting disgusting.

what do you expect though? it’s july and in a few months i will be 26 and then a few years later the world will end. i have to get cracking on all the things. you know like surfing and starting a new website and buying hypercolor shirts.

also i have been helping a whole generation of non-swimmers learn how to float. this is a big job. i will accept a medal for it if you want to give me one. or some elastic for my goggles. or some hair conditioner.

i really need some more hair conditioner.

last weekend pete and i went on a hilarious camping trip to a field about an hour away from bryant valley. i thought it would be an actual campground but instead it was just a field with a bunch of families all geared up with their logs and their camp chairs. it was connected to another field which had hook-ups and adjacent to a catholic church. we made a new friend, probably no more than 40, with a kid in the war and another one we heard him refer to as “tardo”. he gave us some bud light when i asked if i could buy it.

i set up my new tent which is absolutely glorious. but i didn’t take pictures. these days i am less about recording the moments than, you know, having them.

we were going to surf but the waves were 100% non-existent.

more reasons i have been doing less blogging: i learned recently that life was about skate boarding and art and by art i mean visual art, and also i have a human being to talk to instead of transmit to online. it’s mildly more satisfying than internet communication. i like being able to see facial expressions in real time.

hellboy 2 is not as good as hellboy 1.

i ran into my old roommate, like old old, last night at atlas. the first dude who lived in my old place before he got the slow kick-out for a physical altercation regarding global warming. he was REALLY against global warming. anyway, now he is all about surfing and he has a car and so i might have a new ride to the ocean, for when my other ride is busy.

beth and amira both moved away and left me in san francisco. i’m back down to like 3-4 friends.

now, for the pictures:

the facebook picture. this is what people do right? drink beer and take pictures?

the audience at the open mic. very excited. very very excited.

the night before beth and amira left, up on beth’s roof. also pictured: khristina, dusty and pete.

roop on the roof with an apple, post baby bird. ask me sometime how to play baby bird. if you are lucky, i will show you.

at linda mar in pacifica, after a) catching waves for real for the first time (it’s true; you really feel like you might die) and then b) getting worked by waves for real for the first time (i was actually pretty sure i was really dead, all three times).