everything must go

jade came to town this weekend. we sampled the sf lifestyle. here, in pictures:
we went to a giants’ game and sat about as far away as was possible. a nice british family gave us the bobble head dolls they received by coming early, the giants lost and we left in the sixth inning. it was awesome though. i love baseball.

too bad the jumbo tron dudes don’t make it up to 332 18 10. we are clearly solid gold.

luckily we bought tickets for the dark knight aWHILE ago. we still had to wait in line for an hour. this was the not-secret real reason jade was in town. definitely worth every penny of the plane ticket.

when we hit the town it doesn’t wake up for a week.

possibly the full house house. or is this just in the opening credits? i don’t know. hella tourists were taking pictures though so we figured we should too.

anyway, it was a good time. and i bought some purple pants for the days i am not wearing teal and we walked all over. how crazy is it that my best friend since FOURTH GRADE still hadn’t been out to visit. well consider it done.

the end