fortune and fame

summer blogging strategy turns out to be: take pictures and barely ever write. i may be having an extended existential crisis. that could be the problem. but so, since last week:

my portland friends chris and christina came into town and hung out with me. well they came for vacation but i love them so much i made them hang out with me a lot. here is our dinner party that was verging on disaster (i managed to kill about half of the clams i bought in between when i bought them and when i killed them) (they may have committed suicide because they knew what was coming) but then righted itself because the food was actually edible and like i mentioned before I LOVE CHRIS AND CHRISTINA.

we drank wine. though only out of the bottle for posed shots with the self-timer.

chris did some sweet matrix moves with my samuri sword.

and i made him a 2012 shirt. if you want one, to herald in the apocalypse, let me know. i spray painted mine on my hypercolor shirt in neon pink. i could do that for you if you wanted.

this is what it looked like, wet.

funny/sexy/sad went off with only minor hitches. i couldn’t get the microphone situation worked out which distressed some people but ultimately was more old fashioned and, what i would call “intimate”. a lot of people showed up. i was worried but in the end happy with the whole thing.

this is me! announcing on my own! with what appears to be skin cancer on the side of my face! i missed amira, though i guess i always will when i have to do fss all on my own.

pete and i fasted yesterday and went to china town and watched the dark knight. we were looking for a switch blade but instead i think the only purchase was some tea. also we rode the cable cars. if you are curious about the fasting part, well it’s this new thing he is trying out that i decided to try out too which is vaguely related to: health, cavemen and the apocalypse. basically i did it to see how it was. it was fine. i’m kind of in to eating regular meals though, most of the time.

i too tried on the hats.

and basically that is what’s up. my feet are all sliced up from an unfortunate run in with the rocks at linda mar in pacifica. my fault completely but it was cold so i couldn’t feel my feet and then i spent like ten minutes trying to climb out of the water at the mouth of the creek. bloody, stupid and undramatic. but the scraps look cool, kind of like tiger scratches.

otherwise life is pretty much the usual. i re-strung my guitar by myself the other day which was impressive to me. i’m going to portland in a couple weeks for world’s wackest family reunion. it’s freezing outside here. i hope it is nice in portland. a bunch of my swim students who were like sobbing daily at the beginning of the summer and unable to float at all are now like SWIMMERS which just proves you shou
ld make your kid take daily swimming lessons all summer. with me.

does anyone out there know any proven get rich quick schemes? i want to be financially independent by december.