like tick tick

we went to the skate park in marin tonight. it’s a very super sweet skate park, a skate park for the rich kids, up in a nice state park, complete with a ranger who makes everyone wear helmets. compared to potrero skate park, it is dead. there was a point when we were actually the only people there. so i can actually learn stuff. i’m getting pretty decent at going up a ramp and coming back down: i think this is called a transition but i am not sure. also i am trying to learn how to drop in but i am a sissy, my major problem in all of the best sports. sports that would be good for someone with my level of wussification: miniature golf, horse shoes.

the other day, last friday actually after i was wuss-surfing, i came back to the truck and my glasses were split in half. like, right on the nose piece. broken. i think that joni mitchell song is about glasses: i didn’t know what i had until my eyes were drying out from a long day in contacts and my glasses were not even duct tape-able.

so i have been wearing my old glasses, though i sort of hate them and they are the wrong prescription and i left them at the pool today.

really every day i live with this crippling handicap of mildly extreme nearsightedness is a victory.

anyway, lucky for me, there is a warehouse in san francisco with my frames, close-out, last pair, $100 off. i ordered them. the guy who helped me is not just an optometrist(-ish), he is the doorman for the hippest club in bryant valley.

san francisco.

i am going to portland on thursday. i don’t know what else i have to report. i just was doing some yoga on the living room floor while pete talked on his phone and all the air started escaping from my body, like it does when you do yoga, making farting sounds. it wasn’t like one time. it was like every couple seconds for a few minutes. pretty excessive really. this seemed very funny to me. this is probably why i will never have a husband. oh well. husbands are overrated anyway. kind of like rice is. i mean, what is the deal with rice? i am going to bed.