blood water

so it happened. i went to portland. i can’t say much about it so instead, here are some pictures:

this is my cousin amy. she is an extreme teeter-totter.

this is why i like my brother’s girlfriend.

crazy swing action, waiting for the family.

this is me, trying to figure out why mikey, olivia, amy and i were the only people at the big family bbq.

ultimately, they all showed up.

and we took assorted pictures.

it’s a well known fact that this child deals with no longer being the baby by being so god damned cute.


amy and hazel, probably a promo shot for one of their sponsorship deals.

various relatives etc, trying to drink enough to forget the goose poop we were all standing in.

my abughraib shot with the rooster hanging around our picnic table.

bbq number two: old-time friends from the williamette valley area.

christina and lilly pose in front of an intense albany v. corvallis dangle ball game.

ben represents, irrationally, for albany.

yeah, i know these attractive people.

and well, that’s basically it, minus the drama and tragedy and bike gangs. you know, the normal family stuff i probably shouldn’t blog about. make guesses though. think of the family picture as a where’s waldo of disaster. it’ll be fun. it isn’t your family.