we roll with our fingers crossed

yesterday was the first day of school. today: the second. i’m at work, on the fifth floor of a building in a room that is hot on a normal overcast cool day. today is a very very hot day.

my lips are sweating.

turns out school is hard. especially after a summer of being on my bike and jumping around the edge of a pool and skateboarding and surfing. who likes to sit? i don’t think i do.

this is however my last year of school ever. i’m going to invest all my financial aid so i can immigrate to australia after i graduate.

anyway, that is one option.

last night was our (and by “our” i mean “my”) third open mic at pirate cat radio. listen to it!

we did the whole thing outside. this weather is straight up insane. tank tops on the sidewalk at 8:30 pm in san francisco in august. i had a dream about a week ago about this train/boat/maybe plane? called amtrak earth which all the smart people were riding to escape the apocalypse. please don’t steal amtrak earth from me. it’s the best idea i’ve ever had in my sleep. at one point we were on the ocean and i looked out the window at these mutated dolphin seals and then a massive grizzly bear reared his head out of the water and chomped on one. it was bloody and amazing.

i don’t know how at this point anyone can possibly deny that the apocalypse is on the horizon, about to show up.

i’ve started eating olives.

tomorrow i am picking up a car and driving to sonoma to hang out with my grandma and uncle for my uncle’s birthday. we are going to a spa in calistoga. saturday pete and i are going on a labor day surfing safari down to carmel or monterey or both i guess. the waves are going to be big. i might not make it back.

last news: we have a couch surfer this week from france named malik. he brought us some delicious wine. i think couch surfing is like lonesome no more manifested without name changes. it’s nice to just be nice to people for no reason. the whole thing is pete’s doing though, i can’t take any credit. in fact i wasn’t all that excited about it to begin with, since we’ve had basically a constant stream of visitors since i came back from portland. but i like the couch surfer. strangers are different than friends and family members. there are no obligations. though i love my family members and soon i will post pictures of my bro visiting with olivia and chris, his entourage of awesomeness.

geeze! i’m at work! leave me alone now!