quitters are the real winners

so i quit my job at the pool today, which won’t go into effect for a couple weeks but still will hopefully give me time to focus on my other important pursuits: graduate school, my other job, cooking dinner, surfing, bike riding, not dying of chlorine poisoning, art, hunting and selling things on the street. i think this might be the first time in my life that i have quit a job not because i hated it but because i just couldn’t do it anymore.

i don’t hate the y. actually, i kind of like it. i like teaching kids and adults how to swim. it seems a lot more relevant than most stuff, it’s low pressure and i have two friendly bosses.

but alas it is my last year of graduate school and i realized yesterday a couple hours before my grammar/comp class that i haven’t done any of the reading for the class at all or any of the homework or the essay that was due yesterday. now i have never been a particularly good student at all. at all. i am a member of what i imagine to be an elite group of individuals who wrote their final undergraduate papers on books that they didn’t actually completely read. i mean i’ve written a a lot of papers and taken a lot of tests on books i haven’t read. but still, not ANY of it? i’m almost 26. i’m paying for this education. i should probably find time to at least do the homework i’m supposed to turn in.

so i had to quit something and surfing and my other job were out.

in other news: today was like the best day of surfing ever according to pete but i totally wussed out and mainly watched and played in the white water even though i received explicit instructions to not play in the white water and waste the perfect waves. oh well, as usual i had fun.

also: it’s my birthday in 8 days and my mom and dad got me a sweet sewing machine. i’m hoping quitting the pool will give me more time for sewing things.

i’m a tutor now too. i forgot about that. seriously. sarah palin. end of the world. i have a lot of dreams about tsunamis. i’m pretty sure my head’s actually filled with styrofoam. i have no idea what is going on anymore.

finally: they are writing about my neighborhood! and the home of funny/sexy/sad open mics is number 1!