orcas etc

look! some pictures it has taken me way too long to post!

mikey and chris and me at dolores park watching the hipster parade. when was this? OVER A MONTH AGO. but it was a beautiful time. i really like my brother and chris may or may not be the father of my future children. i’ve said that before. it’s still true. (side note: a week or so ago my brother didn’t call me back for two days and i became convinced he was dead and called chris who also didn’t answer. turns out they were backpacking. i could have found this out from my brother’s blog. i’m kind of a reactionary in this way. be glad you aren’t my sibling unless you are in which case i was kidding about what i said before: you are lucky to have me watching your back all the time. at least sort of.)

funny/sexy/sad outside! i am failing to get it together about funny/sexy/sad. i need an intern. we have an open mic october 9th. it’s almost october. god damn.

my uncle on his birthday in the bunny ears i found on the street and gave him. i found them wrapped up on the street. it wasn’t gross just awesome.

for my uncle’s birthday we went to calistoga and laid around in a warm pool even though it was over 100 degrees outside. i got a massage. it was pretty sweet. too bad i have such ghetto swimwear. those shorts used to belong to my dad and i wore them a lot the summer before i went to africa. that summer i was sixteen.

finally pete’s birthday with cardboard sword fighting. this is when i destroyed him. later i destroyed other people.

anyway, it’s late and i have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow, as usual, more than will actually get done. saturday i will be 26. what the heck. i just reread island of the blue dolphins and overdrew my checking account. i think i am regressing. oh well. good night anyway.