good enough

it’s all fall-ish in san francisco all of a sudden. like i know when i go home for thanksgiving i am going to freak out it’s so cold but right now it seems really cold here. like i have to wear a sweatshirt. sometimes i can’t wear shorts. what the heck. i thought this was california.

this morning pete and i are selling things on the street again. we are going to be rich enough soon to experience the ultimate. the ultimate is elusive. but one must be mildly rich to get anywhere near it.

i crashed my skateboard yesterday and ripped a hole in my new most grown-up pair of pants. also i scrapped up my knee and sort of pulled it somehow. it hurts. but i feel a little bit tough. i haven’t been surfing for weeks and so it’s good to feel a little tough about something.

i am almost caught up on my grammar homework. i have to be almost all caught up by tomorrow when i meet with my teacher. life is hard. is grammar relevant in any way to the failing economy? the possible end of freedom? the possible end of the world? surfing? my soul? this is why it is getting hard for me to get fired up. but i guess i still live in the completely arbitrary world of nonsense so i better do my homework.

first i am going to eat breakfast.