all the chicken

this morning we got up early to go surfing before pete had to work. yesterday i rode to school and the waves looked so sweet and adorable, smallish, nicely shaped, perfect in every way. this morning it was as if yesterday’s waves were dropped in the toxic chemicals that turned the ninja turtles from little turtle babies into crime-fighting teenage ninja warriors.

it was scary.

this morning was the first time ever pete said i didn’t have to paddle out if i didn’t want to. i mean usually i don’t if i don’t want to but he always tries to convince me. today he said, “you can just play in the white water if you want to.” so i did. even there, and i never went where i couldn’t touch because the currents were so strong, the waves were powerful and full of water. everyone kept saying that: “there’s a lot of water out here.”


it was big boy day. all the dudes were out, mainly getting hammered, and i goofed around and wished it was yesterday in terms of waves. i stood up a bunch though, in the white water. which a baby can do so it isn’t that cool.

later i went to mission pie with clare to do work. mission pie is the greatest because it is quiet and sunny. then i bought acetone and acrylic spray for my surfboard (to finish cleaning off the wax so pete can masterpiece-ize it and then to spray it once the masterpiece-izing is complete). and then i somehow happened into the hippest coffee shop in all of san francisco. just happened in. four barrel coffee. this is how i knew it was the new coolest place in the mission:

1. they don’t serve tea. when i asked, a young gentleman with a flannel shirt and hair down to his shoulders said, “it’s a coffee shop.”

2. he then sneered at me.

3. they serve very hip donuts from the hip underground donut store.

4. the decor is very industrial.

5. one of the baristas used to be in a hip band in portland and then used to be a barista at ritual, the played-out ex-hippest coffee shop in the mission. if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of coolness, this dude is where to put your hands.

6. i was mildly hit on by a couple of ex-heroin addicts. everyone knows that ex-heroin addicts are the most perfect of all hipsters. they are so authentic! and they love coffee!

anyway, now i am home and i still have so much work to do. yesterday i bought a pair of levi’s in a size i used to wear in high school. it’s warm outside. this week so far is kicking last week into small pieces and then jumping on top of those pieces.

soon i am going to make myself dinner.