i’m trying to make some sort of presentation about my hunting project and violence.

so far everything i am doing sucks. but i did upload this picture, from the night i turned 26. not very violent but the outfits are cool. plus the 40s. what’s best about this picture is that we could, or maybe should, be 19 year olds. i should scan in a picture of us at our 21st birthday party. we look exactly the same:

my neighbors are having a sweet party. they also opened their blinds which they never ever do. so now i can hear the party and see it too!

i don’t know what i am doing for this project except for playing a mountain goats song on my guitar.

i saw the mountain goats twice this weekend. well once thursday, once friday. i guess these were like time 6 and 7. now i love love love the mountain goats. but i think they might be getting a little too famous for their own good. not that they are famous but they are playing the same set a lot. too much. okay but i love them.

anyway. i am really into listening to the radio right now. selected shorts, studio 360, THIS AMERICAN LIFE AS IT IS BROADCAST! yeah. i can’t believe anyone leaves the house on saturday night.