standard time

this is me at school last wednesday. this is why i don’t get much respect.

i have some halloween pictures on my camera but it’s at home and i am not. i’ll put them up sometime. they are a little sloppy. i was a pregnant alaskan prom queen and pete was his dad circa 1972. it was pretty sweet, mainly moving from convenience store to convenience store to party to convenience store. we walked a lot and saw a lot of crazy things on castro street and generally had a freaking awesome time.

if john mccain wins tomorrow i am leaving. forever. or rioting. i will riot.

seriously. how can i do anything today when tomorrow is TOMORROW? my skin is looking like it did when i was 16. i think it is election related.

also we watched last tango in paris this weekend and i can’t stop thinking about it. i wonder if last tango in paris just totally changed my life. it remains to be seen. ask me after the election.

26 by the way seems really freaking old lately. i think i am getting wrinkles in my forehead. it’s pretty messed up.