the final frontier

okay finally a few pictures! first, pete as his dad in the 70’s for halloween. a little anachronistic, a lot genius:

you may not see it here but this is me as a pregnant alaskan prom queen. note the dress from winter formal 2000. i was wearing snow boots, okay?

me, one third of pete’s face and his sort of like brother-in-law dave at 2 am on a bench on the street. i’m really not sure what dave was. besides, of course, awesome:

after i brought change to america:

my newly painted NOW EVEN AWESOMER surfboard. i mean seriously. look at this thing:

there you have it. you are updated to like a week ago. i bought some cheesecake today at the italian store that i haven’t been to in at least a year. you know what is going to be delicious later? cheesecake.