chemical reactions

true story 1:

okay so on friday night pete and i came across two surfboards taped together at bus stop down at like 2nd and mission. it was night time and raining. a lady sitting at the bus stop told us they’d been there for an hour, we should take them, the guys who left them there had gotten off the greyhound and were way gone, partying or something. we thought about it for awhile. clearly they were stolen at some point but it was unlikely the owners would be found, especially on mission street, especially if the dudes had gotten off the greyhound. we took the surfboards home on the bus. a lot of people made comments. we are going to paint them crazy.

here are my bangs. they make me look like an alien:

true story 2:

today i was working on a project that involved cutting mat board with a box cutter on the kitchen table. at one point i looked up and sliced a pretty convincing chunk out of the tip/edge of my left index finger. it’s maybe the worst cut i’ve ever had. i walked to the emergency room in the rain and the triage nurse and and a doctor decided i didn’t need stitches and bandaged me up without even admitting me, which is what i love about sf general, and as i was sitting there a guy in a white coat came up and made some comment about my finger like, “ooh that looks like it hurts” and it turned out to be joey from western view middle school and corvallis high school, the, correct me if i am wrong here but, oboe player in band with me for probably five years or something. he just happens to be on rotation at the er in general even though he goes to medical school on the east coast.

otherwise i am almost done with my penultimate semester of grad school. i should have stayed at the hospital til i got a good prescription for pain medication.