little bo peep diploma

guess where i am NOT right now? at my parents’ house, in front of a fire, sipping wine, petting my kitty giro. guess where i am? my house, sipping wine, listening to bonnie raitt. this cd was only $2. the best $2 i spent all of yesterday.

in case you didn’t know, the entire northwest is a huge snowball. i am indefinitely delayed. i plan on spending all day tomorrow in the octagon with the other people on standby. i have the first live action teenage mutant ninja turtles movie to keep me busy in between fights.

i just got our house guest to help clean up the house. i am pretty proud of myself.

has anyone else noticed this weird family-blogging tendency of mormons and other seriously invested christians? question b) why are these blogs so entertaining? i keep finding links to them from kids i knew in high school on facebook and i am reading them like crack. can you read like crack?

holy shit. bonnie raitt. luck of the draw. buy it now. especially if your living room is suddenly empty for the first time in a week. what if i get stuck in san francisco for christmas? will i ever get to washington? or oregon? i think i am going to seriously commit tomorrow. tears and stuff. those virgin air people can only do so much in their cool outfits to resist me. just ask the creep drug dealer type guy who looked in my direction this morning at the bart station (7:00 am?) and said, “i’d hit that.”

i told clare that story already and she’s probably the only person reading this.

last thing: i saw gran torino today after my flight was canceled. i think i might love this movie. clint eastwood can actually growl and i can actually love it. okay. here is the real question: should i unpack my tooth brush? i’m getting up at 5 am tomorrow to work my magic at sfo. wish me luck. good night.