i brought my nocs

so it turns out it is NEW YEAR’S EVE. AGAIN. last new year’s eve (eve) i was in port angeles, if i remember correctly, showing pete the sights and getting ready to rage pa-style, meaning all-ages warehouse party which we basically shut down after blowing the minds of the whole village with our dance moves.

an auspicious start to 2008, a nicely symmetrical year. here’s the deal with california: it is changing my life. i just got back a few days ago from oregon, the outline of which is permanently drawn on my chest and is a place i really do love a LOT (that is a new construction i approve of: adjective clause paralleled with whatever the fuck i want), and while oregon is still beautiful and full of very nice friendly people, it is becoming clear to me that the only reasonable response to the oppressive SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY OPPRESSIVE rain and coldness and cloud cover is to drink and eat deep fried food and cry and watch tv and then drink some more. i know this amounts to an infidelity and i know as soon as i say it i will somehow be forced to move to la and get liposuction but, i kind of love california. i love the sunshine and the temperate weather specifically. also the surfing. also the mexican food.

i lost my dignity and my pea coat in corvallis. my camera is completely broken. my red shoes are STILL WET.

of course, tomorrow i am driving to bend with pete. so i guess number 1, i am a hypocrite.

number 2, i had a very good year. except for jessie getting cancer (bad bad bad) and amira moving away, things were about as good as they could be for a 25 and then 26 year old.
a. amira and i started funny/sexy/sad.
b. i surfed a lot.
c. jessie kicked cancer’s ass, continues to do so and is at risk of making people feel sorry for cancer.
d. i changed my hair style and took up running.
e. i made my first and second ever stop motion movies.
f. i saw almost all of my favorite people, with the exception i believe of erica p? or did i see her at the very beginning of the year, the prom king incident? i don’t remember. oh wait, i was wearing a hat i bought around new years so yes, almost all my favorite people including my best friend from kindergarten. not holly though. i’m still waiting on holly.
g. one of those people moved to san francisco and INTO THE SAME APARTMENT AS ME, facilitating my new lifestyle of world domination.

okay a lot of those things happened in the last few months, i know. i can’t remember past that very well; i feel like every day i live in a completely new world sometimes. i haven’t made too many huge mistakes. everclear overdose, bad. cutting off part of finger, also bad. and then there was the whole corvallis trip and i did overdraw my checking account this year, twice, last week. this is because i bought christmas presents and totally stopped paying attention to things after my flight got canceled. thanks a lot jesus and god.

next year i will have to get a job and turn 27. i guess that happens to a lot of people though. anyway, happy new year. it’s all misty outside but muni is free tonight and i have sparkly gold pants. i think this is going to be a win for everyone.