so much rock and roll

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if you look over those girls in the foreground you will see a boy in a hat. that is pete. next to him is a girl without glasses. that is me. this was new year’s, except it was dark and we were probably the best dancers ever seen in america including all televised dancing events.

also i ran into my friend barry today and he told me about how seriously famous i am these days. okay actually he is the famous one. the movie will be released at the end of january in new york and the end of february here. go see it. i guess there is a close-up of me and i talk a lot and the sound guy hated my voice and talked hella shit about it. mathematically it is apparently the worst voice to have. which might put a damper on my film acting career. but maybe not. i am looking for an agent.

in other news i still have three weeks before the last semester of graduate school. i am seeking suggestions about what i should do with the rest of my life. so far surfer is a top contender along with egg donor, farmer, mother, hunter, person who reads the new yorker all day, folk singer, medical test subject and drug addict. also pete got me a bb gun for christmas and while i was in bend with him last weekend i quickly became a genius at shooting holes in empty hanson’s soda cans. so also bb gun shooter. also, where can i shoot my bb gun in sf? does anyone have a backyard? it isn’t loud at all.

okay, now i am going to try to write a story with a plot. hilarious i know. but i’m going to try. otherwise my goal for the day is to buy more toothpaste and make something interesting for dinner. as usual i am living the dream. happy new year. only three more years until the end of time.