news of the world

or okay just me and things i am vaguely related to:

1: the movie i am in is IN THE NEW YORK TIMES! the director of this movie lived in my room for a whole summer while i was a pseudo-park ranger. he’s a big deal so clearly some of his big deal dna was left behind on the sheets and the floor. i mean that in a gattaca-way. like now i am stealing and using the dna from his sloughed off skin cells.

2: where do you live? the movie might be getting released in your city! it has at least one famous person in it! wyatt cenac from the daily show! oh and lizzy acker! from your life!

3: i was recently quoted, sounding okay a little bit silly but it was PURPOSEFUL silly that doesn’t always translate to print, in the oregonian on the important and serious subject of facebook.

if someone wants to write a wikipedia article about me, i think now is the time. my star is quickly fading. also it’s the first week of school.