the future is now

for some reason the weather is mainly crappy and i feel weird and the waves are too big for surfing. last weekend i went to my parents’ house. here are some pictures:

me and my mom:
me and both my parents, a nice examination of genetics:

me and my dad and the fish eye:

me and my kitty, giro, who is getting old but still has a good sense of humor i swear:

me and eyeliner. this is not in port angeles, this is from here. pete and i went out to this opening party for noise pop, a big music festival. he had tickets through this guy he works for. i wore high heels and nearly died and it was all very hip. anyway, the eyeliner:

that’s basically it. i’m hoping for better weather and a change of mood soon. i mean, this is the last day of february, the notoriously worst month in the universe. i won’t be sad to see it go. i mean, really my life is pretty good right now but it has been a dramatic month and i am looking forward to some unencumbered enjoyment. we are cooking with new spices. hopefully that will help at least a little.