spring break 09 crying party

are you in the mood to have your heart ripped into a few different pieces? to sob uncontrollably not for fiction but for NON fiction? i just watched dear zachary on netflix instant viewing. i heard about this movie some where one time. the radio? anyway, holy jesus. it a) is true b) involves murder c) involves stalkers d) involves babies and e) involves people that other people love. this last one seems big. pete and i have been talking about the biological reasons for things and it is interesting that there are just some people that, you know, other people really like. some people with lots of real friends. i mean, there are some people that after you know them for awhile you know they are just good, trustworthy people. and then there are some people, from the first minute you know them, you get the feeling if a bus was coming and it would make them look good, they would kick out your knees and push you into the street. there are reasons for this–EVOLUTIONARY reasons that i am not getting into right now because i have a crying headache from that movie. one thing is: there seems to be a case for communities kicking people out into the wilderness if not stoning them. okay that is rough. we have the whole justice system to take the barbarian out of us individuals. and i am totally against killing people. totally. even bad guys. BUT if everyone knows someone is bad, does bad things, hurts people, freaks people out, why can’t we just give them the silent treatment and take away their babies? social services kind of fails a LOT. oh man, i just realized: I COULD GO ON ABOUT THIS FOREVER. i mean, look at the way we have changed our environment so we really don’t have communities looking out for the creepy types? i mean these days number one scary people can just go down the block with their reign of terror if they want and no one will know they are scary because no one on the block knows each other.

conclusions: i am moving to a farm or a small mexican fishing village. i am learning spanish. i am not paling around with people who freak me out. i am sending out copies of the gift of fear to all the people i like.

actually that last one is false because i don’t have that kind of money. however, if you think you are susceptible to stalkers, check it out. and watch dear zachary and be prepared to get weepy.

final conclusion: sometimes canadians really are very very bad.

****oh another thing**** i know i don’t blog much anymore so sometimes i forget to mention HELLA IMPORTANT SHIT like: um medicine for melancholy is like the best movie of the year. no kidding. you know how i hate crash? because of its insane depiction of race that is completely out of touch with reality? well i would say m for m is about race, and other things, poverty (see my horribly embarrassing line and pretend it isn’t me), class in general, being alive right now. and it is about those things in a real, honest, entertaining and awesome way. plus it is san francisco porn which i am seriously into. arty porn. beautiful porn. okay that makes it more like plain art i guess. well it is! plus barry jenkins who wrote and directed it has slept in my bed. not when i was there but deal with it. go watch the movie.