critical thinking

new theory, a few minutes in to the new episode of kings: is this about israel and palastine?

new theory after watching newest episode of gossip girl: is it even worth it to wake up in the morning?

all of this is research for my hypothetical freshman composition class. tv is so so bad but since i feel a little bit like i am floating in outer space today, i don’t have many other options. i mean, what is there REAL to do? kill animals for food? all we have around here is pigeons. sex for the purpose of procreation as well as all other purposes isn’t available. other than those things, seriously, TELL ME WHAT IS REAL TO DO?!

this may be one of those one and a half months until being 26 turns into being 26. i turned in a draft of my thesis last week. i feel no sense of accomplishment whatsoever. i am working on a sweet book. no sense of accomplishment. i went surfing yesterday for the first time in two months. i sucked majorly. the waves were small but the ocean terrified me as usual and i couldn’t let myself get outside. i am worried that i am going to graduate from graduate school and be homeless. there are no jobs i want to do. writing a composition syllabus…so so meaningless.

anyway, here’s a new plan: woofer in australia. what if it happened? anything is possible. there are tickets there for only $418 (before tax). i could take my surf board. another thing i am worried about: i will spend the next ten years talking about the sweet things i could be doing and then my knees will give out and i won’t have any savings and i will be living with my parents, probably in their garage.

holy shit. we need more light in this living room. and maybe a hot tub.