two tickets to the gun show

it is crazy windy outside. gusting at 35 mph the weather said this morning. i rode my bike to and from school (work) and on the way the great highway was blocked off to cars and there was a super strong tail wind. basically it was amazing. the way back i rode through the city. there were a few points i was pretty sure i tree was going to be landing on my head. luckily i was wearing my stronger helmet.

i just read this article in the ny times about american guns in mexico. it’s interesting because pete and i were talking the other day about just this thing. i don’t hate guns. i mean, if you read this you might know i am interested in hunting. i think killing your own food is a thing you should maybe give a whirl if you plan on being a meat eater. which is a thing i plan on. i mean, i am not a descendant of neanderthals (you know, the foolish species of humanoid that didn’t eat as much meat as us and had smaller brains as a result and now, you might know, are seriously extinct).

however, i don’t think there is a logical reason anyone can give, if they seriously think about it, as to why we shouldn’t have strict regulations on guns in this country. oh actually one logical reason: human life is not worth as much as cash on the counter. otherwise, what hunter really cares if it takes a week for him to get a background check for his shotgun or rifle? he has to plan at LEAST that far in advance to figure out what’s in season, where he’s going, what licenses he needs. i have never heard of a hunter who buys a gun and then that day goes out and bags a deer. hunting is a process. also, what hunter needs assault rifles or guns that pierce body armour? zero. none.

guns are sweet. i’m not going to lie. but killing people is something we all got together and decided we weren’t into. not only is it plain bad, we don’t want anarchy. we have a social code for a reason. the whole having to wear pants issue is debatable. not murdering neighbors? not really.

my brother just called. this guy who wrote a book i read in high school, LOVED in high school, is leading mikey’s workshop for a week or something. because mikey’s getting his mfa in fiction just like his super cool big sister.

did you know i am 26? i still remember the sex scene in the woods from that book. it involves a raincoat. it is oregon. it is raining. i’m pretty glad i am not still 15 so i don’t have to believe in the lies people try to tell you about being 18 anymore.