for me the quick decision is usually the one i go with

after meeting with one of my professors yesterday afternoon and discussing my ACTUALLY COMING ALONG AFRICA STORY/DRAFT OF SOMETHING POSSIBLY VERY BIG i made a real decision about my life, at least for the next 12 months: i am not going to graduate yet. yes my thesis is done and i paid the $40 and i didn’t fill out the fafsa by the priority deadline, but these are smallish things compared to the big thing which i am on the verge of. you know, writing something that i have been trying to write for years, without the evil shadow of comp over my shoulder and with the assistance of the people i want assisting. of course, after i made the whole decision and talked to every single person i could talk to, that specific teacher said she was full for directed writing next semester. okay. it’s okay! i’ll get directed writing with someone else and do it with her in the spring! i’ll take a workshop if i have to! i will write. A LOT. and i can keep my job. and stay in san francisco. i guess this means i am saying i want to be a writer. mark it down. today is the day it happened.