which way to the meat party?

i rode my bike to work today. the waxing situation has righted itself, if you were on the edge of your seats, completely grossed out, wondering. i am blogging at work which i haven’t done once this year due to actually having work to do. but my work study ran out and i am not getting paid so i figure that affords me some extra time to rub noses with the internet via computers owned by sfsu.

i got offered a job on friday and turned it down. full-time. benefits. nice people. you want to know what is wrong with me? i fear commitment.

anyway, so i am still looking for something that will get me money for like july and august and maybe those first 2 weeks of june. not looking too hard though. i was washing my face this morning and it occurred to me that i really like my life as is. i get up in the morning, make breakfast. pete and i eat breakfast together like every day. it is sick really how weirdly awesome that is and how nice it makes you feel all day to sit at the table and eat eggs and bacon and bread and talk or not talk to your roommate who actually turns out to be your friend as well. then you know, if it’s nice, i ride my bike an hour through the golden gate park, along the beach, to work. i like work generally. sometimes i meet with interns. sometimes i meet with my teachers. then i ride home, maybe pick up some meat. sit on the couch. take a shower. work on some project or something. make dinner. eat dinner with pete. and who knows what else? skateboard ride? party down? discussion with pete re: major important issues like: why is blogging ruining america? what is the deal with evolution? etc. go to sleep.

it’s a nice life. funded by various financial aid options. a full-time job could seriously ruin it. maybe i could go through the summer on credit cards. people do that right? and then i can get on oprah and she can help me sort my debt? well, probably i’ll get a job. google calender: meeting in ten minutes. later internet. i only tell you this stuff because it makes me feel good to know you are listening.