break cars

i woke up today feeling a little less sick, which is good. i think i was just hella tired. sometimes when i don’t sleep enough or get too crazy i get a sore throat. it just lasts for a couple days. i’m already at phase two: runny nose.

i ran some errands, hung out at ross, planned to spend more time on the couch to get fully recouped, and received a few suspicious phone calls from my old friend steve who lives in portland. with steve every phone call is suspicious because his main form of personal entertainment is making things up and laughing at me when i believe them. but today he called asking me strange questions that he could have easily answered using the internet. also i was a little confused because, though steve and i have a long history of being friends and talk pretty frequently, his final call was like the third in three days and none of them seemed very pressing. i finally caught on, when he started going on about the web cam he had found that pointed at my building, that he was actually outside. i guess i could have figured it out when he asked me if i wanted to meet him at ocean beach in an earlier call but i had just called him a liar and moved on.

it was a pretty great surprise anyway, and i love surprises. i went to the beach with him and his friend who he has been coming down to visit. it was cool (because it is so freaking hot today) but i felt a) sick and b) guilty that i wasn’t surfing because the waves looked so nice and there was barely any wind. i decided to take the bus home, got some change by buying a weird russian ice cream at a weird russian store, and then realized bay to breakers was about to ruin my life. last year i got a flat tire on my bike from all the glass smashed throughout golden gate park after bay to breakers. this year, so far, the damage has been limited to a pretty epic bus ride in which i basically infected a bus full of drunk people with swine flu and then was nearly molested by a drunk gay guy dressed like a clown. i mean, he seemed gay other than the fact that he kept touching me and leaning way into my face like he was going in for a kiss. i wondered what i should do if he did try to make out with me because i was pretty sure that if i yelled at him the rest of the bus would think it was a chant and join in. there was a lot of chanting going around. he finally got off but then there were more dudes and they seemed a little too drunk and a little too in my face and i got off too and walked blocks and blocks in my flip flops.

finally, after walking and walking and seeing drunk people of every type, nearly getting run over by one in purple underwear, i got the bus that comes close-ish to my home and here i am. my throat hurts again. i think i will take out my contacts and devote the evening to severe rest. my goddamn paper is due thursday. maybe i should get on that. tomorrow. second thing.