the department of health and mental hygiene

I’m getting shit done! for example, i woke up feeling a lot less like a sleepy train wreck. i even washed my hair:

then i sort of picked up my room and gathered all my comp pieces of paper in one place. these things happen in steps. then i went to lunch at burma superstar with my boss and my intern. burma superstar, if you don’t know, is one of those super hip places you can’t actually ever get into. except for lunch on tuesday. then it isn’t really a big problem. now i am at the coffee shop by my house that caters to well-paid 30-somethings looking for fiancees. here is where i plan to finish writing my paper. they are open til 8. shit is about to get real:

i think it is funny that rarely in my life have i written a paper specifically for a grade but now that i am in a class that spent a lot of time discussing how to get students to look past grades and get involved with writing, all i want is a b and i couldn’t be less interested in the actual writing. this is very meta. maybe i can turn in this blog as the paper? it’s time to turn on my music. super loud. next semester i am just writing stories and doing art. deal with it comp department.