i need to be better

i tried to go for a run this morning. i put on my running clothes. my shoes. my earphones. i went about two blocks before i realized that i was shaking from the excedrin i took to get rid of the headache i woke up with which i think i can safely attribute to the whiskey and beer i drank last night in the name of america and also finishing my comp project. or the headache could have come from the connect four i played in a bar with my friend dave. or it could have come from the delicious philly cheese steak i ate before the connect four, after the whiskey, with one of the beers. though i doubt that part.

what i’m saying is turns out i got a little bit drunk last night and woke up with a hangover and so when i went for my run i realized that i hate running (i don’t but you know how you have realizations sometimes that are wrong?) and what i really wanted was a gatorade and some of the crazy looking tacos the lady was selling to construction workers out of her folding metal grocery carrier.

see picture. it happened.

i suppose it is possible the tacos contain cat meat since cats are always disappearing in this neighborhood and a language barrier and intense hunger stopped me from asking what was in them, but i don’t care. they were a amazing. and right outside my front door.

drinking can be fun sometimes. if you, for example, just finished the most loathsome project you have done in graduate school for the most loathsome class you have had in ages. why don’t people say loathsome more? in conversations?

but the problem with drinking for me is a) i talk way too much–like 2 beers and i will tell you my life story which i am not sure dave needed to hear and b) since i have been 26 it doesn’t take much to give me a hangover. like i wasn’t crazy drunk at all last night. i was just a LITTLE drunk. and when i woke up i wanted to cry because it felt like there was a porcupine rolling around in my skull behind my eyeballs.

i plan on punishing myself for my overindulgence, more than i have with the porcupine head, by actually doing the laundry and washing the dishes and cleaning up the house a little bit because it is freaking baghdad in here and pete is coming home tomorrow. unless he stays in mexico for life in which case i am taking his truck.

purple gatorade is delicious. i am so glad i am done with school for the summer.