important list of items

1. the house is relatively clean.
2. i went running this morning but not very far.
3. carnivale is this weekend meaning i can’t move pete’s truck or there will never be a new spot to park and also tomorrow a big parade will be staged right outside our building.
4. i hope it gets sunny for the big parade.
5. the parade means it’s a year since pete moved here. neither of us is dead. how amazing.
6. pete’s coming home today from his trip so i will have a real person to talk to again. not that i don’t love the internet but it’s just cool when conversations go two ways.
7. i am making raspberry scones but i put way too many raspberries in and they look kind of like brains.
8. yesterday i talked to my friend robin on the phone for a long time. we haven’t properly spoken in like 3 years. the weird part is that it totally doesn’t matter. we have been friends since fourth grade and i think it’s safe to assume we will basically be friends forever.
9. you know what is awesome? summer. i am so so glad i decided to wait one more year to graduate. i really like feeling good about decisions.

okay. to the scones. i wonder if they taste like brains.