that snoring noise is coming through the wall

i know i’ve been missing. not only from the internet but some people i know, like all my friends in san francisco, might point out that i have been missing from the real world too. it’s messed. i’m sorry. i have some explaining to do and that explaining involves a lot of protesting about what a jerk i am and how much i love you. because i am and i do! the thing is, it’s going to get worse (i mean i will be LESS available, if that is even possible) before it gets better. this is only partially due to my current desire to live in a tent and speak only in sign language. only a little bit.

other things are happening. i got a new job. it’s weird when you get a new job and you have a blog because you don’t want to get like DISCOVERED WRITING ABOUT WORK and stuff. so i won’t tell you where it is, if that helps, only that i am actually a temp doing membership related things for the coolest news outlet on my street. you can figure it out. i’m a temp but a temp who works full time. this was one of the jobs i applied for when my other job ran out of money. now they have money. not tons though. for the rest of the summer i can get paid to work like 40 hours total. also the money they got me for may isn’t showing up until the end of june so basically i am completely 100% broke. and i have an unread message from one of my student loans. i am pretty glad i finally got a credit card.

i am going to the east coast next week for the rest of june. i imagine this will test the limits of that credit card.

calm down. i am an american. it’s finally time to act like one. plus the cash flow will resume in 2 weeks anyway. and this isn’t the hypothetical cash flow like the river flow in spring is hypothetical. i have worked hours and filled out time sheets. i will get paid.

yeah so that’s the other thing. massive hiatus from sf. my new job not only doesn’t mind, they are on FURLOUGH just as soon as i get back and pete and i are (hopefully) going to go on an insane california camping adventure. it will involve fishing and swimming in rivers and fires. the other things, i don’t know yet.

you know how i haven’t been calling you? well it could be worse. yesterday i told a very good friend of mine that he couldn’t stay at my place next week. part of the time i’ll be gone but one night is my last night before i leave. i mean, this is a good friend and his brother who i totally like. but i’m leaving for two weeks! the apartment and i need some alone time. i’m turning into one of those adults with boundaries. sorry about that.

other things: i was in sonoma last weekend. we camped, met some crazy dude, almost got arrested first by a very overzealous park ranger at the state park (and i LOVE park rangers usually) and second by a police officer back in the city who just got bored with us when he realized we were sober and white.

it’s june so the weather here is straight up awful. i came home on my lunch break and went for a run. i think i will have to do this every day or else i will lose my mind. i’m realizing though i have to work. i have to fund my future mexican farm somehow.

what i a saying is: i love you. but don’t expect to see me again until the later part of july unless you are my cousin and if you are her, expect to see me very very soon. this is going to be amazing.