this is my gorilla costume. my mom made it for me in fourth grade. i wore it to work with the mask (homemade by me) and then out to journey to the end of the night with zombie face. we didn’t take pictures but pete was wearing a fuzzy chicken costume that i re-made from piece we found at this crazy store called scrap, also in zombie face. it was an epic halloween. old news. anyway:

i got a haircut. last time i got a for-real haircut was last thanksgiving. i think i am pretty down with the haircut. stylist pete, who also came up with the bangs idea, thought i should cut off four inches. i don’t know where he comes up with these ideas but i did it. i kind of wish i had gone even further. like here it looks pretty okay but actually it does this obnoxious flip-out thing on my shoulders. i haven’t washed it yet. and already i put it in a ponytail and i look exactly like before:

anyway. i also got a pretty painful wax yesterday so it was a full girl day which i has been extended into today because so far i have spent the day grocery shopping and baking. it’s pretty gross. i’m making delicious brownies and a gross pumpkin pie for a potluck friends thanksgiving at my long-lost cousin heather’s house. a) i love brownies but pete is all about this pumpkin pie disaster and has to do important art all day before the potluck so i am making the pumpkin pie for him and my ancestors in hopes that i will never have to do it again. i mean, it’s hella easy. i just bought a mix. but seriously. it’s like baby food without cute babies. who eats this stuff? aliens, weirdos and pilgrims i guess. the brownies are from scratch. occasionally i roll that way. b) my long-lost cousin heather is this really cool girl who is about my age and lives like one neighborhood away and whose grandma was my grandpa’s sister. the grandma is dead and i never met her. but through a few interesting twists and turns including the printed obituary of her still-living grandpa, we discovered each other. like i said, she is cool. and you can ever really have too much cool family, right?

otherwise my life is pretty regular and standard right now. a little too busy with too many things i don’t actually love doing. but that’s sort of what it’s like being human anyway. you have to work so you can eat the food. i’m thinking of new life plans. things that will get me out of a cubicle. so far i have journalist, teacher, construction worker, hairstylist and full-time tweeter of weird things happening on the streets of san francisco.

the brownies are done so i have to make the frosting now. thanksgiving! what a weird weird holiday when you think about it too closely.

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