this is the section i was ta for this semester in craft of playwriting. i named us the wolverines, after my middle school. what i like about this picture is that there is actually no way to know i am the teacher. by “like” i mean “find disturbing” and “think probably means i will never actually get a real teaching job”. i am 27. why do i look 16?

other news: i picked up the book seventh son by orson scott card from the free box at work. it was new, as in never been read, with a receipt that said some date in 1993. i picked up the book yesterday and i just finished it now. when i was in middle school i read pastwatch: the redemption of christopher columbus. sometime in high school i read ender’s game. i like this card dude. he writes compulsively readable science fiction/fantasy-type stuff which i think transcends genre, at least in intention. the guy is trying to SAY something, i think, as well as entertain and re-write history to make it nicer and keep myths alive. he writes myths, sort of. i don’t know. but this is why i can’t read too much anymore. either i don’t get into a book and then never finish it or i get so freaking into it i finish it in less than 24 hours, during which time no dishes are washed, no meals are cooked and i barely remember that i am alive in the world.

this something i am working on, in general and not just when i am reading: remembering i am alive in the world. it’s harder to do than i originally thought. and sometimes, worrying. like, when i was riding my bike home from school tuesday, through the fog, by the beach, and it suddenly hit me that i was riding along on the surface of a planet in the universe. that is a cold feeling. i mean, physically. space is cold.

anyway, my old old friend robin is in town tonight. and i didn’t work today, which is the best way to spend friday. i watched the end of the civil war game on espn on my computer last night and i think pete almost moved out. he alleges i “don’t like football”. which is true-ish. i don’t always love football. but i do like a good battle that i am emotionally involved in. i was going for the beavers but i guess i am happy the ducks won, for the rest of my extended family.

my feet are cold. where can i find the next book in this series. also: do i even dare?