next: the wolves

weatherwise, we have reached a day after tomorrow scenario. 39 degrees is san francisco. i was told this was going to be california. i let pete get up and make breakfast even though if anyone should be getting up it should be me, since he has been staying up late finishing up the semester and i have been just 9-5-ing, with the occasional yoga class or anne of green gables binge.

my eye lid is twitching. i think we need a dehumidifier. i think our apartment building is rotting away.

last night the poetry center had a end of semester dinner, also farewell dinner for me. it was delicious indian food and they even invited pete.

jesus. i can’t focus with my eyelid twitching. i think i will stay in bed forever. these sheets are so warm and it is so cold outside of them.

breakfast is ready. here i go.