the man farm

this weather is reactivating my seasonal affective disorder. luckily, for all involved, pete and i are going to mexico in january. unluckily, i have to make it til january.

actually it’s sunny outside. i think i just want to take a nap.

this isn’t much of an update. i got my own cubicle at work this week. i am still trying to come up with a decoration scheme. i almost punched a lady outside planned parenthood who told me, “children are wonderful. you can have your baby!” instead i said, “you are being insane. i am coming here for a pap smear!” dear people who find it important to harass women getting standard health care: get a new job. the nurse practitioner was like “we don’t even DO abortions on fridays. THEY KNOW THAT! they have spies who call in and try to schedule abortions.”

which is hilarious and sad. like that lady knew she was harassing people who weren’t getting abortions and still thought it was worthwhile because anyone going into planned parenthood is probably a huge slut. or something.

here’s a question: why do people hate each other so much?