eggs etc

it’s too bad that in a horribly disastrous trip to corvallis last christmas i squished my camera. it would be nice to have some real pictures of things to show you, instead of creepy grainy daily pictures of me-as-a-teenager from my computer. i had a dream the other night that i got an iphone. which is majorly messed. product placement in dreams.

other things: yesterday pete did this whole planned-out surprise christmas thing for me. it entailed many genius things but was topped off BY A TRIP TO THE CIRCUS. he wouldn’t tell me where we were going but i saw the tent and i was like, totally blown away. for real. i have always wanted to go to cirque du soleil. i mean, people. doing amazing things. in front of you. with their bodies. also, i am pretty sure i never mentioned my desire to see cirque du soleil out loud to anyone because i figured they would think i was a massive dork. we had amazing seats. an amazing time. totally totally amazing. (yeah okay, my mind was blown pretty hard and so right now i am working with fragments. hopefully i will be up to full synapse load by tomorrow.)

other: we saw avatar in 3d this morning. going for full-scale visual amazement this weekend. that movie is pretty much amazing (vocab issues this evening/only word i used all day). the dialogue could use work. not sure why sigourney weaver’s character smoked. that was odd. but otherwise. dude. watch it. in 3d if possible.

other: i just cleaned the kitchen while listening to christmas music. i feel stupid today. when you feel stupid, christmas music seems poignant. maybe i’ll go watch love actually and cry now. maybe that was mean.

other: we watched lil wayne behind the music today and i am now using my little brain to focus a lot of energy on the fact that we have the exact same birthday and what that means and also what constantly sipping cough syrup, jolly ranchers and sprite does to a person’s brain and eyelids.

okay. t minus 2 days until i leave for eugene. dear brain: i will start doing math equations if you don’t pony up and start doing your job soon. love lizzy.