in the last two weeks my yoga practice has basically ceased to exist. today for lunch i had chocolate cake and bacon. for real. i need to wash my hair.

luckily, it is almost a new year. a new DECADE. this decade i plan to GET MY LIFE TOGETHER. again. get back to fruits, vegetables and exercise. back to a writing practice. back to art practice.

away from facebook.

anyway. the bf is gone so i watched a little of this jersey shore thing that everyone has been yammering on about (snl, news outlets, i am talking to you). dude. what is good about this shore, besides almost nothing: mtv is finally being honest with itself. big step. first: admit you have a problem. there is this thin veneer of class on shows like the hills and the real world. those kids from new jersey are dirty. no question. superficial, alcohol filters with early stage skin cancer and hardened black souls. kind of like mtv.

in other news, i started reading the road last night and got to page 35 before i wanted to put rocks in my pockets and walk into the river. luckily pete was around to talk me down. i want to read it right now. i mean, it’s GOOD, but i think it is unsafe to read before i go to bed when i am home alone. too much ambiguity and possibility. i will wait until i am in front of a fire with my family who has names. instead i will take a shower and maybe be lulled to sleep by the uncomplicated good and evil situation in law and order: svu.

do you like reading my blog? soak it up. sooner rather than later we are moving into the woods to practice survival skills. they don’t have internet in the woods. just bears, trees and survival.


  1. Dang! Again, the woods.All the cool people keep going into the woods, and it must be super cool in there because they never come back either. And then new people come up and start feeling pretty cool, but it isn't long before they start eyeing the woods…

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