the new you

i got another new haircut. my last haircut was ruining my life. not really but it sort of sucked. i feel bad about it because the lady who gave it to me was nice but she did this weird layering thing which made me feel like a career gal from 1981 or something. meaning: ugly.

the jury is still out on this one but i am crossing my fingers REALLY HARD because: the girl who cut my hair was very nice. also: they do waxing and, get this, MAKEUP APPLICATION LESSONS. which i need. bad. i tried to put on makeup last night and pete was like, “um, maybe subtler?” i looked like a train wrecked on my face. twice. with paintball passengers.

i think i need to practice. maybe i will go practice now. other people know how to do this sort of thing, why shouldn’t i?

other news: i am drinking this delicious apple drink i invented with bourbon right now. our baja trip is canceled. pete is making mexican black beans. tomorrow is new years eve.


  1. i like the haircut. you always do good with the bangs. and the waves are great. and what is this about makeup? who needs that stuff? not you, beauty. um. ok. i need to call you.

  2. you totally need to call me. make-up: totally overrated. still, i don't even know how to apply blush, in case of emergency.

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