do you remember how to count?

this is me on new years eve. it’s a pretty terrible picture but at least you can see my totally sweet outfit. hopefully i get to wear this outfit again someday because new years was honestly sort of a blur. i think the party we went to was pretty lame. i destroyed my tights by walking home barefoot and still managed to mangle my feet with my heels. we found some important wood products on the way home (because finding stuff on the street and bringing it home is a serious problem for us) and so also my coat is sort of dusted in white paint. oh well. new years is generally like that.

now i am on to a new phase in my life called “lizzy gets serious in 2010”. pronounced “twenty ten” because that is apparently how you pronounce it. this stage involves only having one job, doing a lot of writing and being a writer and zero of the other stuff. other stuff does NOT include reading or yoga or surfing or world traveling or cousin-visiting. or listening to “counting in c” which i bought off of itunes so i could just listen to it without the whole surrounding podcast, over and over and over again.

another part of the plan is expanding my mind by listening to many informational podcasts and audio books at work. genius or going to cause me to get fired? i say genius.

also in the plan: getting more bookshelves so we aren’t actually killed by the growing stacks of books all over our apartment. eating less sugar. putting money in a roth ira. sitting at my desk and getting it done. by “it” i mean my NEXT BOOK, grad school, my credit card bill, etc.

here i am. at my desk. blogging is part of “it”, if you are wondering. an important part. getting the word out.

so. in summation: i ate a donut today which was a terrible idea. pete likes watching “jersey shore” with me which i can add to the apparently infinite list of reasons i am luckier than anyone deserves to be. happy new years. the end.

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