on the couch under blankets

here is a picture i took the other morning of my amazing hair:

there you go. that is what i look like every morning. i’d try to go to work like this but i might get arrested for being so god damn amazing. here is me currently, hair less cool:

last night pete and i went camping in the santa cruz mountains. the lead up to the actual camping was sort of a fiasco that involved driving on very, VERY curvy roads, me almost puking and us not having enough money for the campsite. amateur. HOWEVER. we saw a cougar, which made up for everything. it was crossing one of the curvy roads and pete saw the whole thing and said, “COUGAR!” and when i saw it it was leaping through the air into the bushes. it was huge with that big thick tail. scary and awesome.

we have pretty good animal luck together. last year we saw a golden eagle. i think if we see a condor my mom might give me up for adoption. she wanted to see a cougar pretty bad but i think she wants to see a condor worse.

after the camping (we ended up finding a town with an atm), we had breakfast in a super backwoods town called ben lomand. “backwoods” is sort of a weird way to describe a place twenty miles away from santa cruz but i’m telling you. i could have been in forks, washington the way the mildly-attractive waitress knew all the town men who kept coming in to get cups of coffee and flirt with her.

then: surfing. we haven’t surfed in months and we were out there for two and a half hours and basically i can’t even lift my arms. i rode pete’s longboard because it’s easier than my board. i love surfing. and in santa cruz it is just fun without the terror aspect. though there were some big waves today. but not where i was surfing.

then: bbq at cole’s bbq in santa cruz which is just about my favorite, worst for you food in the world. totally acceptable after surfing plus we split one meal and have tons of meat left over.

in summation: nice weekend. it happens. what are you going to do?


  1. Cole's world famous bbq. Dang they have good fries! Wonder which place in Ben Lomond you hit – Spanky's I'd guess? For breakfast you should hit Old Mountain Inn in Boulder Creek.Someday, I have to learn to surf. Help if I could swim.

  2. it was spanky's! we looked for some place in boulder creek but couldn't find anything. next time we'll go to old mountain inn.

  3. I love that place! At Ol' Mountain Inn I always get the 3 egg green onion and mushroom scramble. Their home fries are tops – big and crispy! And their orange juice is real. Heavy on the pulp, with the occasional seed in there! They also have good breakfast specials and sandwiches. Spanky's is good too. Good country breakfast w biscuits and gravy, as I recall. Been a while, though.

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