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[i started this friday, at maxfield’s:]

another friday, back at maxfield’s, ostensibly writing, more like talking about the bachelor and how MEAN those girls are. because they are mean. and jake is boring. but i can’t say i don’t love it madly.

i am so happy when maxfield’s plays country music. jo dee messina and the dixie chicks. old, girly, country. i’m just crossing my fingers for shania.

i went to yoga today and but all i can think about is fucking guantanamo and the horrible “suicide” cover-up and the fact that not only is the god-forsaken place not getting closed, they are continuing to hold people, without charging them, indefinitely. you should read about these things, especially the fake-suicide situation, which is a cover-up of what sounds like some bad bad torture going awry. this kind of thing disturbs me for a couple reasons. 1, and i think the slate article on the story quoted a good quote about this: “the Geneva Conventions are so honored by military lawyers because they protect our own troops’ humanity.”

asking our soldiers to engage in this kind of behavior, torture, dehumanizes them. we are allegedly fighting against terrorists because they are threatening our freedom and our values and blah blah blah. i was listening to this long podcast yesterday about how china needs to stop fucking with human rights by censoring the internet and how hilary clinton and the state department are on this big push to get china to stop this by “freeing the internet”. now, i KNOW that china does some bad stuff. they totally put people in prison for what we would call no good reason and then never charge them or take ages and ages to charge them and then the trials are probably totally unfair. [and here i was making a very good point and i got distracted by telling funny stories about being a ballerina as a little kid. things i will not go into now but believe me: THEY ARE FUNNY.]

now it is sunday. here i am, on the couch, in my bathrobe:

i am still feeling pretty upset by suicide cover-ups and un-ethical detention and torture. i don’t think i need to finish that last thought, THAT WE ARE ACTING JUST LIKE CHINA, but there you go, finished. i’m trying to think of my second point but unfortunately my mind is completely filled up with the rock which pete and i watched last night and this morning and law and order which i watched all day while knitting yesterday. happy endings. my brain is mush. i need to leave the house but it is SO GRAY i just want to sit on the couch all day, in this bathrobe. possibly knitting.

the rock by the way, is awesome, as it always has been. one funny thing though is a really offensively comical gay hairstylist. it’s so 90’s to have this tough action movie and then this totally nonsense interlude with a not-even-funny lisping, pathetic, ultra-feminine male hairstylist. weird. the 90’s were a weird time. back then, terrorists could be honorable and played by ed harris. oh, the 90’s.

anyway, this post is probably mainly nonsense. please someone fix the weather. i’m having a seasonal effective disorder relapse. i need someone to give me a reason to get dressed. call me if you want to drive down to santa cruz and ride the giant dipper. that’s the only possible solution i can think of right now.

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  1. There should be one season of the Bachelor where the dude's just such a dick, they give each of the girls who quits and walks out on him a million dollars. For choosing correctly. Hm. OK, now I have to come up with something equally bright and light to say about guantanamo. I'm sorry FLM – it can't be done, at least not by me. You're quite right, the situation is atrocious. If there's a war against terrorism, what we're doing by chucking what we stand for is…losing it.LOL to the Giant Dipper! Hey, if only I saw this earlier. Sheeeeet.

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