the slime

i’m tired. maybe i should go to sleep but i want to watch some simple, entertaining tv program that i haven’t seen yet. like an EPISODE. i don’t want to have to get involved with a new show. i want to watch community or parks and recreation or modern family or 30 rock. i could even go for caprica or spartacus, the second of which is absolutely terrible but also entertaining. jersey shore is over and the bachelor is like a week away from a new episode. i already saw last night’s daily show on my lunch break. clearly i have a tv problem. i’m pretty sure i am NOT going to get involved with spartacus but caprica is sort of interesting. i mean, science fiction and drama. i love that stuff. any, it’s a problem. i’m tired though and so i’m not going to go into it.

my second cousin who i just met in the middle of last year and who lives here and is awesome and i went to this “underground farmers’ market” tonight in a warehouse on capp street. it was so hip i could barely breath. i spent a ton of money, probably got food poisoning and then we had to go get more food somewhere else because we were still hungry. my cousin is cool though, so there is that.

tomorrow i am INVESTING MY MONEY. deal with it. when i am old i won’t have to work at walmart. hopefully.

jesus i feel conventional right now. i must have confused the quiet child tea with the vita tea. i wish we lived in the fancy new condos across the street with a dishwasher and big windows.

okay, time to go to sleep.