comic book land

in case you didn’t know i am on the east coast where it is fully 30 degrees colder than the place i live but also is the home of some extra cool people who i like to hang out with. today i went with those people to coco key, an indoor water park/marriott/a&w/pizza hut. it snowed the whole day but inside it was warm and chlorine-y. highlights: terrifying “dark” slides which my cousin and i agreed were actually a preview of hell which made us both sick and intensely aware of our own mortality and the 15 year old life guard with braces and a mustache. one of the kids, as we were pulling up to the house this evening said, “that was horrible/awesome.” i completely agreed.

it’s 7:32 in california but 10:32 here. tomorrow i am taking kids to a mall and also exchanging my scary rental car for something a little less screechy. time for the snow to stop snowing. good night.