fast, cheap and out of control

i’m back from the east coast and the weather in california is trying to hurt my feelings. i woke up this morning at 5:30 and went for a run which i think may have terrified and confused pete. he made me wear his bike light. i just ran like 8 blocks and then i came back home and went to sleep again. february is a month you have to be careful with. it can start raining, you can lose things, damage your computer, go into debt. yesterday at sephora i had a very close call with some ugly $70 eye shadow.

i don’t even wear eye shadow.

anyway, look! i am mentioned in a real article! my book! and how meta, it links to this blog! i need a real website! with pictures of me in eyeshadow!

well. it is lunch and i have to go back to my cubicle now. i bought a curly wurly at the convenience store and i don’t even know what that is and i definitely do not need to eat any sugar and i used my credit card. it’s february. this kind of stuff just happens.