bad girl

this is me on the phone dealing with the obnoxious reality of only partially going to school. calling different offices, getting funds released. i should have graduated last year. whatever.

the rain is making it nearly impossible to leave the couch. i worked on monster party editing all morning and also lost watching. i haven’t been to yoga in a month. i don’t want to go today either. i used to go 4 times a week. february, i haven’t gone once. that was a good amount of money i will never get back. maybe march will be more successful for me in terms of life choices, being a good girlfriend, cleaning the house, paying my bills. i’m getting a raise and a new job title and full medical and retirement starting monday. also, a new schedule because i am no longer allowed to work 9 hour days. i think it will be better. 9 hours of cubicle sitting really saps your soul.

i’m giving the government until this time tomorrow to release my tax return. after that i am charging them interest.

i wish i were in mexico.

anyway, clearly i have nothing good to write about. it has been a TRYING week. i need to stop baking brownies. i need to stop spending money. i remember the first time i visited san francisco when i was in fourth grade my uncle gave money to a street performer and said, “the poorer i am the more money i give away.” i feel like the poorer i am, the more expensive clothing i buy. this will teach me to take a week off of work. though another new thing: paid vacation.

i want to live a life not focused on $70 short sleeved jackets but sometimes $70 short sleeved jackets are so cute and then you need new yoga pants. not for yoga, clearly, just for life.

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  1. I disagree, f.m. You don't need ANY new pants until those wear out. In fact, if those are still in stock at the store you got them, go get ten more, or as many as it takes for you to be set for life. You will never again need new pants. If you also find one particular top that goes well, you could get a bunch of copies of that and be like a cartoon character! COOOL!!Hm. Wait, I'm not sure whether that would or wouldn't be cool. I think it all depends on the top.

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