in the office

my bedroom is the only sunny room in my apartment. one of my main life goals it to eventually live in a sunny house.

i am thinking of taking some clothes in for dry cleaning. i want to take them to the dry cleaning place next door but once upon a time i took that place my rug and they burned a weird black spot on it and pretended like they didn’t. i vowed never to return. i was angry. but is my anger enough to fight against the overwhelming convenience of a dry cleaner next door?

one can only wait and see what happens when i skateboard past on the way to the cash machine.

probably they aren’t open.

i wonder if i will ever live in a house again. is an apartment harder to keep clean than a house? because our apartment is like a trash tornado disaster and pete’s mom is coming in two weeks and i am seriously tempted to spend money to have someone clean the shit out of this place.

or i could do it myself.

well, the weather is nice. i want to go for a bike ride maybe. maybe take a nap. maybe just sleep until tomorrow when february will finally be over. the sun is not enough to fix the february depression problem. and my inability to write anything interesting. come on march! stop this crap immediately.


  1. March will be amazing. We will get our REI credit card dividends, Jade will move here AND Gossip Girl will have new episodes.

  2. my apt is un-sunny too. i'm trying to decide whether or not to renew my lease and that's a big part of the "con" list. i dreamt about you last night. i ran into you at some strange hotel convention and got mad at you for not telling me you were in virginia. but i'm in austin now, so it doesn't make much sense. have you been to austin? there's something very sanfran about it. it's pretty cool. woohoo spring break. i miss you. will call soon.

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