is my brain broken?

some days i feel like i am completely losing my mind. like, not going crazy crazy, just losing my ability to remember things. i will do a little freak out, thinking, wow my mind is totally blank and useless right now, quick name some cities in germany! and then sometimes i think and think and can’t come up with a single one. then i have to follow some path like, okay NAZIS. hitler, olympics, berlin. and i feel a little better. only a little. do i have a brain tumor? shouldn’t i be able to rattle this stuff off? not like i ever took geography but what about dresden?

it’s either a brain tumor or over-dependence on google.

or that i am tired.

i am really tired right now. last night we had a little bachelor season finale viewing party at my friends’ apartment. i drank a little too much of the “on the wings of love” pomegranate martini. it’s weird, i barely drink anymore so like three drinks and i was good for the night.

here are some things i like about my friends: they watch the bachelor and make dirty comments and have parties for it and allow me to dress up like vienna in lingerie camping but do not try to convince me to come over for a super bowl party.

there are other things but i am tired and my brain feels stupid. it could be the residual alcohol i guess. or the fact that i have basically stopped exercising which is terrible and about to be reversed starting TOMORROW i swear.

anyway, i’m taking a shower and then lulling myself to sleep with law and order. march is a little better than february but i still haven’t gotten my tax return and, like i said, my brain is melting out of my ears. oh well. good night.