the hills

so far today has been pretty amazing. i slept in, which is a good sign because i can barely ever sleep in and lately i have been kind of having a freak attack which makes it difficult for me to stay in bed without squirming past like 5 am. i DID have really depraved dreams but, well, that happens.

then we ate my new favorite breakfast which was discovered last sunday: pancakes, bacon, apples and maple syrup. the apples are the wild card. raw. you have to get the bacon in too. it’s like, the perfect taste combination.

then i waited for my food to settle because that is what you are supposed to do. and then i went on an epic bike ride. i was gone for 5 hours but i stopped for probably a total of an hour, maybe less, to eat lunch and talk to my dad on the phone. but still that is 4 hours on the bike at LEAST and usually i average about 12 miles an hour i think so, 48 miles?!? geeze. it’s possible. i rode out past sausalito to the end of the bike path and then back into sausalito where i ate lunch and then rode up the hill through the marin headlands and back home. probably at least 8 of those miles i went in the wrong direction. i kept doing that because i was going ways i have never gone before. but it was a sunny sunny day and i even got a watch tan!

now i am icing my knee and basically exhausted but about to walk over to an OSCAR PARTY. oh the oscars. so confoundingly entertaining. oh my knee. so confoundingly sore.

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  1. Ah my goodness, I killed myself with a mis-read. I thought you said "new favorite breakfast cereal which was discovered last sunday: pancakes, bacon, apples and maple syrup."I spent 10 minutes googling! "What's it CALLED?" "Who MAKES it?" Then I came back to sulk, and re-read. Oh well. I've been trying to get somebody to put bacon into breakfast cereal for years. Pancakes, Bacon, Apple & Maple! Sounds perfect to me. Anyway, 48 miles! Hard core. Well done!

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