i went to mellow flow yoga tonight and i know, that was my first mistake, plus the teacher played bright eyes and that song from the end of six feet under. (side note: yeah i just watched that entire thing and nearly started crying which is fucked because that show went on for what, six years? and it ended so perfectly and it makes me just a little nostalgic for a time when i didn’t know that nate fisher died or whatever, even though those ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE but anyway.) this teacher once equated getting a new scooter with finding inner happiness or something like that. she isn’t my favorite one.

but she did come around at the end and push on my legs to give me a really good stretch so there is that.

today i was friended on facebook by this super cool girl i knew ages ago from camp. i think something happened on facebook like YESTERDAY which is, basically every single person in the world is on it now and it is just a matter of time until every single person you ever knew friends you. today i realized this old friend is friends with like three other people i know from completely different universes. i imagine this sort of thing is going to become more regular until everyone is an extended friend of everyone else and there are no secrets and we all have voice activated android phones with geo-monitoring software. on forum today michael krasny was talking to some software dudes about geolocation. freaky. soon when you twitter people will be able to see where you are. some listener brought up minority report and i started seriously considering getting a land line. that is like the ULTIMATE geolocater. you call the land line, i pick up the phone, you know where i am.

too bad i don’t have $50 extra bucks a month to spend on making a point.

yesterday pete rode with me to tiburon and it was awesome and we may be slightly sunburned. we are going to la this weekend, awesomely/crazily. maybe i can turn this into a full-on tan. how does my new face medication handle the sunshine? there’s only one way to find out.

last thing: breaking bad. about a high school chemistry teacher who starts cooking meth. i’ve been watching it and getting hella depressed but i love it. i stayed away for awhile because i thought it was like weeds 2. however, it makes weeds look like amateur porn. some people like amateur porn but i like french coming of ages movies. watch breaking bad but make sure there is a nice breeze and no drugs around when you do it.

okay, i have some important work to finish for an important upcoming book launch for my important friend marisa. if you live in the area you should come. not only is she awesome and her book sure to be the best poetry book you’ve ever bought, but i am reading! and there will be a dance party after! more information on the way, i promise!


  1. Hey! I'm that super cool friend! And I am still totally shocked about you knowing other people on my friends list.Also: I friended Malynda from your friends because we use to play together when we were like 6 and she is friends with an ex-boyfriend of mine from when I lived in Portland and did nothing but bar hop.Too. Freaking. Wierd.

  2. the world is pretty small. or the west coast is pretty small. i guess at one time or another we all live in portland and do nothing but drink from bar to bar.

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