super beautiful

i feel antsy today like i want to rearrange the whole house and then move and rearrange a new house. it’s weird, especially since i was feeling extremely lazy up until about last week, like the gravity was heavier and all i wanted to do was keep my eyes open but only if a sitcom was playing in front of them.

there are two major things that effect my energy level: what i eat and the weather. i think i also need to add to that list: mental stimulation and physical activity. for some reason, going to la has sort of psyched me up. i can’t decide if it was the full weekend without a computer in front of my face or the meeting new people or the extreme fat man in a stuffed chair wearing a toga with his enormous testicles hanging down or the pool bar with fire pits and europeans or what but i feel like my brain is back a little. there is another option: i killed so many brain cells that i went down a whole level of intelligence so now instead of feeling stupider than i used to be, i AM stupider than i used to be and can’t even conceptualize what it would mean to be smarter.

a definite possibility.

but really though, i feel like my brain is back a little. i think maybe i was depressed.

for some reason, things seem more reasonable now. there are DATES when i will get things DONE. i think my edits are both awesome and almost done on monster party and i am getting hella pumped for it.

i need to write more stories and get things published. i need for the weather to stay this great for a year.

okay well NEXT THING. already i went to work and went grocery shopping and cleaned the house. maybe i secretly got addicted to speed in la. that sort of thing probably happens i guess.

oh and ps: mark your calendar because i am reading at my friend marisa’s book launch party on april 2nd! IT WILL BE AMAZING:

her book. the reading. the party. all of it.